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2nd International Tsunami Field Symposium INQUA Commission Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, 2008

INQUA Commission Sea Level Changes – Subcommission 4: Mediterranean
INQUA Commission Holocene

AIGeo – Italian Association of Physical Geography and Geomorphology
AMK – German Working Group on the Geography of Coasts and Seas

Ostuni (Puglia – Italy) and Ionian Islands (Greece)

23rd – 27th September, 2008

The Universities of Bari, Lecce (Italy) and Marburg (Germany) invite coastal researchers on behalf of the IGCP Project 497: “Quaternary Land-Ocean Interactions: Driving Mechanisms and Coastal Responses” to the 2nd International Field Symposium to be held in Ostuni (Brindisi, Italy) and in the Ionian Islands.