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Special Issues


Special Issues

Quaternary Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions and Landscape Responses

Quaternary Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions and Landscape Responses
Edited by Benjamin H. Horton, Antony J. Long and Jeffrey P. Donnelly

Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Neotectonics as Driving Mechanisms in Coastal Evolution

Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Neotectonics as Driving Mechanisms in Coastal Evolution
(Proceedings of the Bonaire Field Symposium, March 2-6, 2006. A contribution to IGCP 495)
Ed.: Scheffers, Anja; Kelletat, Dieter
2006. 265 pages, 158 figures, 10 tables, 24x17cm
(Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Volume 146)
ISBN 978-3-443-21146-2

Gehrels, W.R. & Long, A.J. Quaternary land–ocean interactions: Sea-level change, sediments and tsunami
Marine Geology, 2007; 242:1-3, 1-220

Marine Geology

Volume 242, Issues 1 – 3
Pages 1 – 220 (6 August 2007)
Quaternary Land-Ocean Interactions: Sea-Level Change, Sediments and Tsunami
Edited by W.R. Gehrels and A.J. Long

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Quaternary land–ocean interactions: Sea-level change, sediments and tsunami
Pages 1 – 4
W.R. Gehrels and A.J Long

Section A. Relative sea-level change and coastal evolution

Holocene relative sea level changes in a glacio-isostatic area: New data from south-west Scotland, United Kingdom
Pages 5 – 26
D.E. Smith, R.A. Cullingford, T.M. Mighall, J.T. Jordan and P.T. Fretwell

Late Holocene sea-level changes along the southern coast of Finland, Baltic Sea
Pages 27 – 38
Arto Miettinen, Henrik Jansson, Teija Alenius and Georg Haggrén

Modern distribution of salt marsh foraminifera and thecamoebians in the Seymour–Belize Inlet Complex, British Columbia, Canada
Pages 39 – 63
Natalia Vázquez Riveiros, Abdulhameed O. Babalola, Robert E.A. Boudreau, R. Timothy Patterson, Helen M. Roe and Christine Doherty

Mangrove pollen of Indonesia and its suitability as a sea-level indicator
Pages 65 – 81
Simon E. Engelhart, Benjamin P. Horton, David H. Roberts, Charlotte L. Bryant and D. Reide Corbett

Section B. Sediment exchange and coastal evolution

Holocene sedimentary evolution and palaeocoastlines of the Lower Khuzestan plain (southwest Iran)
Pages 83 – 108
Vanessa Mary An Heyvaert and Cecile Baeteman

A 17-yr record of sediment accretion in the salt marshes of Maine (USA)
Pages 109 – 121
Jody E. Goodman, Mark E. Wood and W. Roland Gehrels

Climate cyclicity in late Holocene anoxic marine sediments from the Seymour–Belize Inlet Complex, British Columbia
Pages 123 – 140
R. Timothy Patterson, Andreas Prokoph, Eduard Reinhardt and Helen M. Roe

Section C. Tsunami and coastal evolution

10 Effects of landforms on tsunami flow in the plains of Banda Aceh, Indonesia, and Nam Khem, Thailand
Pages 141 – 153
Masatomo Umitsu, Charlchai Tanavud and Boonrak Patanakanog

11 Tsunami of December 26, 2004 on the southwest coast of India: Post-tsunami geomorphic and sediment characteristics
Pages 155 – 168
A.C. Narayana, R. Tatavarti, N. Shinu and A. Subeer

12 Sediments deposited by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami along the Malaysia–Thailand Peninsula
Pages 169 – 190
Andrea D. Hawkes, Michael Bird, Susan Cowie, Carl Grundy-Warr, Benjamin P. Horton, Aileen Tan Shau Hwai, Lisa Law, Colin Macgregor, Jonathan Nott, Jin Eong Ong, Jonathan Rigg, Ruth Robinson, May Tan-Mullins, Teh Tiong Sa, Zulfigar Yasin and Lee Wan Aik

13 Boulder accumulations produced by the 20th of February, 1743 tsunami along the coast of southeastern Salento (Apulia region, Italy)
Pages 191 – 205
G. Mastronuzzi, C. Pignatelli, P. Sansò and G. Selleri

14 Reconnaissance of historic (post-AD 1000) high-energy deposits along the Atlantic coasts of southwest Britain, Ireland and Brittany, France
Pages 207 – 220
Simon K. Haslett and Edward A. Bryant