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AMQUA Biennial Meeting 2008


AMQUA Biennial Meeting 2008

Theme: ‘Quaternary Ice Sheet-Ocean Interactions and Landscape Responses’

Location: Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA

5th – 8th June, 2008 (with field trips June 4th and June 8th – 9th)

Program Chairs: Jeffrey P. Donnelly & Ben Horton

The interplay between ice sheet dynamics, climate, and ocean circulation played a dominant role in shaping our planet over the Quaternary. It is essential that we evelop a better understanding of these phenomena, their forcing mechanisms, and the complex array of feedbacks between ice sheets, sea level, ocean circulation and landscape response to address the environmental challenges we will likely face over the coming decades and centuries. This 2008 AMQUA Biennial Meeting brings together a diverse array of researchers to present the state-of-the-art of the science of Quaternary ice sheet-ocean interactions and landscape responses.

Financial assistance was available for young researchers.